Strangers In The Night

Liquor & Guns Drive Thru

Liquor & Guns Drive Thru (Photo credit: roy.luck)

Once Mary was divorced, she was on the lookout for a man.  Her criteria wasn’t too difficult to meet.  Employed?  Breathing on their own?  Owned a car?  A car that ran?  Cash on hand for drinks and food? Done and done.

The list was short so she had quite a few men to pick from.

One evening a man came to our window.  Yes, I did say window, and this stranger began beating on the screen.  I asked him what he wanted and he said he was there to pick up Mary for their date.  I told Mary that her date was there but he was behaving oddly.  She laughed and said, “Oh, that’s just Norman.  He’s a real joker.”

I invited Norman to come in, through the door of course.  He refused and stayed by the window until Mary came out.  Off they went to who knows where.  No doubt a liquor establishment where they could imbibe in some of their favorite drinks.

She returned quite late and was snoring loudly in the morning when I left for school.  So much for Leave it to Beaver moments.

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