A Creative Teacher Pension Plan

When I was in ninth grade, I had a geography teacher named Miss Fanti. She liked to make money on the backs of the freshmen by selling maps. If you lost your map or made a mistake on it, she would sell you another one for a nickel.

I often lost my maps and found myself buying maps almost weekly. Miss Fanti had about 180 studentsPostcard map of the Shakespeare Country so if even half of us bought maps from her, she was making a pretty penny (or nickel).

I made reference to her collection of nickels to my Dad and found out that she was a client of his. I asked if she paid his bill in nickels and he told me he thought she did have a big bag filled with nickels when she came in.

We sure got a good laugh out of that story! Later when I told the story to Mother, she had her usual reaction and said,

You know money doesn’t grow on trees! You better find those maps and hang onto to them.  I am not spending any more money on maps for you!

Wow, I thought. What a buzz-kill!

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