The Supperclub Job

Dive BarThe blended family continued to be more fractured than happily engaged. Our mother was busy dating men she met in rather unsavory bars. She was apparently looking for a way out of Decatur and would eventually find it in the form of our uncle a/k/a her brother-in-law. The man we knew as Uncle Kenny, or the Man of a Thousand Disguises.

But before that transpired, Mother found a job at a supper club/bar and I was delighted. I was still in high school and returned home at 4:00PM. Mother had to be at work prior to my arrival home. Our paths did not cross for many days which worked out perfectly for me.

I suspect my mother was also delighted with the opportunity to spend all of her evenings away from her family and instead in the midst of a nightclub.

It was up to me to make sure my homework was done, to go to bed at a decent hour and to get up and head off to school after breakfast (if there was any food in the house).

Sometimes, the cupboard was bare except for a can of poppy seed filling, some paraffin to make candles, ancient jars of spices and food coloring. Nutritious breakfasts were not a priority with Mary.

Thank goodness for school lunches! I knew that at least I would have a meal at noon. By the time I came home, the same sad little ingredients were there in the cupboard. I learned a valuable lesson again. I knew that I never wanted to go to bed hungry.

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