The End of Business Classes

When I was still in high school, my counselor advised me to take business classes because she was certain I would not be heading to college. I signed up for bookkeeping mainly because I loved the idea of a workbook.

The teacher was nice enough but did not understand that I wished to take my workbook home to complete the assignments. She frowned on the workbooks ever leaving her sight.

I am not sure if she thought I was going to cheat or copy someone else’s work. She obviously did not know Mother if she thought that Mother could or would help me.  Mother’s math skills were not good and her willingness to help her children with their schoolwork was non-existent.

I had to go into stealth mode to get my hands on that workbook so I would not fail the class. I sneaked into the room, checked for the teacher and hurried over to the workbooks. I was able to grab it and get out before getting caught.

I finished the necessary work at home and returned the workbook the next day. By the end of the semester, I had completed enough work to pass the class. When my dad saw my report card, he wondered why I was taking bookkeeping.

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I told him about my counselor telling me I wasn’t exactly college material. Dad was furious! He told me to tell her in no uncertain terms that it did not matter what she thought, what mattered was that my dad knew I was heading to college and that I would be successful.

That was the end of the business classes and my counselor trying to discourage me. That’s the kind of Dad we had. Always on our side!


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