The Pomegranate Phase

Mother had a fascination for certain things. One was new foods that she had never eaten or heard of; another was fad diets (usually of the “lose weight without even trying” type).

pomegranateOne time close to the holidays, she read about pomegranates in Ladies Home Journal or Good Housekeeping.  Nothing would do until she got her hands on one of these fabulous fruits.  Away to the store she went and upon her return was hoping to impress us with this red, weird looking object.

Mother tried to act like she knew what she was doing and sliced it in half.  A huge mess ensued as she began slurping up the seeds with the red juice dripping down her ample chin!  It was a sight to behold!

She invited Abby and me to join in the mess and kept telling us how good the remnants from sucking the juice off the seeds was and how delighted we would be with the taste.  We noticed the beginning of a stain all over Mother’s white blouse and knew she would hit the ceiling later. Reluctantly we both took a few seeds and began to try to get the flavor off.  In short order, we were also a mess with red stains on our hands, clothes and faces.  We knew this meant we would have to wear the clothes with stains because, of course, it was all our fault.

Mother never bought another pomegranate and with all the rage of how healthy the juice is now, she never forgave us for making such a mess!  While pomegranates are pretty and trendy, just remember the stains may not be worth it!

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