Tick Tock

Cloc HWMary had a problem with the clock.  Although Abby and I had the same hours in high school every day with no exceptions, our mother could not, would not get us there on time.

We would pray and hope that today would be the day that she would turn over a new leaf.  However, about nine times out of ten, we would be late.  We would run like the wind and beg our teachers to not count us tardy.  Mary had a very cavalier attitude about this because she was not the one to serve an hour detention.

At the end of our school day, we would wait for the big red car to come screeching around the corner to pick us up.  We were often the last students picked up and could not understand why she could not get there on time.  The truth is Mary had her own set of priorities and her children were not on that list.

Abby and I find punctuality to be right up there with cleanliness.  Mary’s score on both counts: zero for zero.



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