Happy Anniversary Kids!

To my beloved siblings (my sister Abby, step-brother Kevin, and step-sister Sissy):

Chicago skylineThis is a family love letter sent to all three of you from your sister Lindy. A number of years ago, right around Easter, we became a blended family. Our tales of growing up together have been documented here on the Far From Normal blog by Abby and me. Some have been happy times, some sad, some funny and some filled with drama. But along the way, we have supported each other through teen angst, sibling rivalry, weddings, divorces, births of our children and unfortunately even death.

Losing Dad was one we all remember well and oh, how much we miss him! He was our steady voice of reason in our far from normal world. Taylor being born was the first grandchild/son/nephew for us to celebrate. Then came Diana, followed by Macy, Fiona, Raquel and Lloyd. All of them were loved by us and their grandparents (though, to be honest, sometimes they didn’t quite measure up to Beatrice’s high standards; but then again, who did?).

We have had our ups and downs over the decades but continue to be there for each other. When our dear Sissy’s husband passed away, we all made sure to be there for her physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was not an easy journey for her and now that she is facing a serious health challenge of her own, we continue to be her shoulder to cry on, her listening post and always, always, always her cheerleaders.

We hold her up in prayer daily and know how important Diana and Raquel have been to her. They are wonderful daughters to her and nieces to us, and we all love them dearly.

Beatrice’s health has continued to decline and Kevin and his wife are overseeing her care now as she resides in a nursing home. Her life has been filled with joy (all of us!) and concerns (also all of us!). She is the last parent left and thus our story will change once again with her passing.

Falling Down the Wedding CakeI have always said if the only good and decent thing these two women (Mary, the mother of Abby and I, and Beatrice, the mother of Kevin and Sissy) ever did was to marry Dad and thus bring the four of us together, wouldn’t that be enough?  For me, that’s a big Amen!

I love our family, even despite (or perhaps because of) all the dysfunction and drama. Because along with all the dysfunction and drama, there is far more love and laughter. So, to my dear siblings, Abby, Sissy and Kevin, I say thank you. Thank you for the memories, the caring and sharing and most of all the feeling I get when I say I have the most amazing family!


  1. Abby Adams says:

    Lindy, what a lovely post! We do have an amazing family and sometimes we all need to be reminded of just how wonderful our siblings and children are. Even though we are sometimes dysfunctional, we still manage to laugh more than any ten families.

    • Lindy Riverside says:

      Thanks so much Abby! Hate to break my arm patting all of us on the back….but it’s the truth! We are AWESOME!

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