A Nightmare Ended: Back to California


English: Trappist Abbey Fruitcake from the Our...Mary was living with me, my husband and our adorable two year old.  She had somehow convinced me that being the babysitter would be a win-win for both of us.  Obviously, I had forgotten everything about her child-care qualifications.

She kept my son up until midnight and (unlike when Lindy and I were growing up) there seemed to an anything goes policy.  I found another child-care provider and Mary looked for a job.

Although I had asked her about going back to California, she said she didn’t have the money and it looked like I was stuck with her.  She was working, but our relationship was not.   I spoke to my dad and he said he would pay for a ticket for her to be used right after Christmas. This was the break I had been waiting for.  I was ecstatic about the holidays because once they were over, she would be gone.

Somehow Mary arranged to make her festive fruitcake and she passed it around at any gathering of my friends. Right after the holiday, we purchased her ticket and sent her out to sunny California.  Our experiment in togetherness had failed once again, and once again Dad came to the rescue.