Our Very Own Prince George

After watching all the coverage of the royal birth and finally the naming of the baby prince, I am reminded of a very special day long ago that our family celebrated the birth of our very own “Prince George.” Of course that would be our beloved Taylor, son of my sister Abby. He was the first grandchild and as such was very special to all of us.

BeerIn fact, our mother lifted a brew or two to his royal highness while she was living it up in southern California. She was a proud grandmother from afar, just the way she liked it. I suspect she even bought a round for the other denizens of the dive bar she so enjoyed.

I was beyond happy knowing that I was now an aunt and could not wait to get my hands on this darling bundle of joy. Out to Iowa we came en masse to see our little prince. If he was not the cutest baby I had ever laid eyes on, I would be surprised.

Dad held him and oohed and ahhed. Our stepmother Beatrice attempted to be genial and did not stir the pot with her usual antics. Of course, Beatrice was not particularly fond of children of any age. Babies especially seemed to confuse her.

Our siblings Sissy and Kevin and I all took turns holding him, kissing on him and doing the usual over the moon behaviors.

This little prince of ours made me so happy and I knew that day how special he would always be. It seemed I was like the Grinch that day, only in the sense that my heart grew three sizes.

The little prince has since grown up, of course, but he will always hold a very special place in my heart. And in the rest of our families’ hearts too. Taylor was raised very well by my sister and her now-ex-husband. Despite their differences (what divorced couple doesn’t have differences?), they set everything else aside when it came to their son’s well-being and best interests.

Emergency Room EntranceWhether it was helping us get our mother into the hospital for a “tune-up” or eulogizing her after she passed, or many other difficult points in our adult years, he has been a rock for myself and his mother.

Who says only the British have royalty? I beg to differ when I remember the special little prince that came into the world that April.

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