The Magic Kingdom


Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Walt...Mary had only seen her granddaughter once before.  One year my sister and I decided to take Annie to Disneyland and also spend some time with her grandma.  We had learned, after some uncomfortable overnights, not to stay with her.

We let Mary know we would be coming and that we would be staying at a motel.  This always offended her and she took it quite personally.  However, her unkempt ways precluded anyone who cared about cleanliness to spend the night.

We picked Mary up and began our trek to The Magic Kingdom.  We knew Mary’s funds were somewhat limited, so we gave her some money so she could pay her own way.  Arriving at the front gate, we paid our admission fees and waited for Mary to open her pocketbook.  She stood there for quite some time and waited us out.

We finally pulled out more cash and paid her way in.  Another plan that backfired on us.

When we decided to eat, we paid her way again.  I guess she thought we were paying her to tag along.

When we left, we felt no need to see anymore Disney characters as we were with “Goofy”.  That was the last time we visited Disneyland with our mother.  The Magic Kingdom had been tarnished.

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